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Escalator Handrail Media

Escalator Handrail Media enables companies to put their advertisements in the hands of millions of economically active customers during average 30 second escalator rides.

Media Results and Feedback:
Sushi Roll foot traffic increased 38%” – Sushi Roll 2008
Vodafone store sales increased 19.3% – Vodafone 2007
76% unprompted advertising recall - McDonalds 2008

"As an advertising agency we're always looking for highly effective and fresh media opportunities. Escalator Handrail Advertising provides a unique solution with tremendous cut-through for our clients."
JWT Sydney

“Creative looks great on the handrails, it really grabs peoples attention” Caroline Ruddick – Marketing Manager, Seek

Escalator Handrail Advertising dominates the environment, providing cut through
even in a cluttered shopping centre.

Escalator Handrail Media offers significant advantages
over traditional outdoor advertising. Benefits include:
  • 30 seconds* exposure to a captive audience
  • Frequently reach mass audiences at targeted locations
  • 76% unprompted advertising recall
  • 30 meters* of advertising that surrounds the consumer
  • Hands on advertising which is often unavoidable
  • Close to the point of purchase

Escalator Handrail Media is perfect for:
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing foot traffic
  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Launching a new brand
  • Building brand image
  • Reinforcing other media at prime locations
  • Directing escalator traffic flow

What ever an advertisers goals Escalator Handrail Media will help achieve them.

Escalator Handrail Media is the perfect compliment to TV, Print and Radio, and is a must in any out of home campaign.

Conveyor Belt Media

Conveyor belt advertising enables companies to place their advertisements right at the point of purchase, reaching every customer that uses the checkout.

Conveyor Belt Media offers significant advantages over other retail media Benefits include:
  • Exposure can be up to 5 minutes while at a supermarket checkout
  • Placed at the point of purchase
  • Frequently reach economically active consumers at targeted locations
  • Cut through in the retail media environment
  • Often the advertising is unavoidable
Conveyor Belt Media is perfect for:
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Launching a new brand
  • Creating impulse purchases
  • Reinforcing a brand message at the point of purchase

Conveyor Belt Media can help advertisers reach their target audience at the point of purchase and is should be an integral part of any retail campaign.

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